International visitors are indulging in the pleasures of spring travel along Phu My Hung Flower Street

Immersed in the lively crowd of spring travelers on Phu My Hung Flower Street in 2024 are foreign guests taking part in Vietnamese Tet festivities. Many of them are deeply impressed and exhilarated as they soak in the vibrant atmosphere, gaining a firsthand experience of Vietnam’s traditional Tet holiday. Through intricate miniature landscapes depicting Lac Long Quan – Au Co, Dong Son Bronze Drum, Lac Bird Gate, and more, they develop a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture.

Going beyond mere observation and enjoyment, foreign guests eagerly participate in activities along Flower Street. From seeking a Calligraphy Master’s letter to capturing moments with symbols of the spring season, they actively engage in the festive happenings.

Source: Phu My Hung

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